Just not make website.
Make web communication.

Create websites for each client such as with the strength of corporate, for wonderful item and service, and e-commerce websites with customer satisfaction.

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"Make the world's first service. Realize clients' needs with imagination and technology."

"We're building Apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. We make the apps considering the UI and the contents people always want to use."

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"Develop a system for each client. Rich tool as business efficiency and promotion. "

In the system development, it's the most important to think of the users, in other words, we need to develop user-friendly systems and also improve the systems for flexible and stable operation.

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Great opportunity to close to customers

Digital signage is utilized in various places. We offer some digital signage such as simple ad pillars, information for showroom, digital signage CMS for updating floor map and coupon easily.

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Experince virtual world

We develop the contents for AR/VR/MR by using Unity. We can handle creating inquiry forms for customers.

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Connect various things to the Internet

We are developing a one-stop system development that works with sensors on the hardware side. It is now possible to digitally manage things that were normally managed by humans.

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Construction and operation of a server environment optimized for services

Not only can you make proposals when constructing new systems and websites, but you can also freely change the configuration of ever-growing services.

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Ability more than human. Create the service more than human.

There are various services in the AI field. In COMMU:DE, we have developed our own service by using TensorFlow, an open source by Google.

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