Now, it’s probably comfortable climate, but
We need more temperature.

With 80 employees, we struggle with selling, creating, and developing and have a great time together at the same time.
Though there are differences such as the working place and position, all we have the same feeling in the company.
What is the feeling that unites all employees in COMMU:DE?
What is the keyword in common for each employee?

To meet, think about, and create clients’ needs.
We make efforts utmost for all needs.

“I want to create the world’s best service.”
“I want to do something new.”
“I want to succeed in the project with clients.”
These are employees’ words that we hear from them in drinking together and small talk.
What should we do to realize these words? Based on the phrase, employees are working on each project. They really focus on the work. It does not mean too much work. They enjoy working and share it with a lot of employees with their passion. COMMU:DE has been running with such passion. Next, what new things will wait for us?

Each independent division has a relationship with each other.
These 6 teams are COMMU:DE’s strength.

Now, it’s probably comfortable climate, but We need more temperature. Now, it’s probably comfortable climate, but We need more temperature.

We have currently run businesses with 6 teams. “Business Sales”, to hear clients’ needs for the proposal better. “Business Communication”, to manage processes for the production and consult with clients on a regular basis.

“Idea Engineering”, to realize the clients’ proposal beyond them with unique ideas and technology. “Future Business Promotion”, to lead COMMU:DE to the next stage by developing its own apps and services.

“Platform Service Business”, to propose the service we created to others, as a package. By affecting each other, these 5 teams improve their skill and quality. Moreover, cooperating with “COMMU:DE Philippine”, we think about, create, propose the projects together and there is better circulation. In short, this is our strength and reason for growth.

We need your passion, to increase the temperature of COMMU:DE.
In other words, we’re headed for a land of summer all year around.

You probably understand our characteristic and passion. If you always think that “if I do this, it will become much better than before” and “I want to do it to improve!”, that is your passion. In COMM:DE, you can work with passion, in other words, you’re willing to work at the company, not a passive attitude. Therefore, we think that you’re an essential person for us.

We’d like to respect your new sense and ability. Because of you, we can make tomorrow some fun. Though COMMU:DE is currently comfortable at 25 degrees, we need more passion. We need your passion. Enjoy working in COMMU:DE by creating new projects and improving the projects.

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