Privacy Policy

COMMU:DE INC.(hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our”, “us”) appropriately keeps and protects our clients and employees personal information when we create websites, develop applications, and manage related to these businesses. We will establish trust between us and all clients, and certainly perform honest businesses at the same time, by contributing the society, we will conduct the businesses to meet expectations of clients and all people related to our businesses.

We shall make best efforts to protect personal information by thoroughly informing all executives and employees(full time employee, part-time employee, temporary worker) about this policy.

1. Obtain and Use Personal Information

When we keep your personal information, we clarify the purpose of use as possible, and we will obtain and use the personal information within only the purpose of achievement we told you in advance. If we need to obtain and use it beyond the purpose of achievement, after we contact you and obtain your consent, we will keep the personal information.

2. Manage Personal Information Properly

We will take measures for properly secure management to prevent hacking, leakage, loss, delete, destruction, alteration, and the use except for the purpose of the personal information. We will also take necessary precautions and correct actions if any problems occur, and we will endeavor to ensure a secure personal information.

3. Adhere to Compliance(Comply with Laws)

We will comply with the Privacy Policy, the laws applied handling the personal information, and guidelines, other norms the government determines and we will endeavor to manage your personal information properly.

4. Improve Personal Information Protection Management Systems Continuously

We will certainly enforce and keep Personal Information Protection Management Systems(management of our personal information protection including this policy and a structure of regulations in the system), and we will also endeavor to improve it continuously, based on the change of circumstance about the personal information protection and the laws, social movement, client’s request.


When we need to deal with client’s inquiry, consultation and you need to disclose your personal information we keep, by improving the system of the way to contact and procedure, we will honestly deal with them right away.

If you need to disclose and consult disclosure targeted personal information about clients and employees, please contact the receptionist below.

Enactment: October 14th, 2015
Revision: November 15th, 2019
Toshiyuki Fukajima, CEO

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