We have run businesses for 10 years.

Move on to a new generation!

In 2011, in Japan, a terrible disaster occurred. Meanwhile, we established COMMU:DE in December.
Someone said that,
Why did you establish the company in this time? It might be a hard period to start a business.
However, we have run businesses for 10 years and we grew up 150 % or more year-on-year.
Why could we grow more than last year? and What will we do next?

Why could we grow more than last year?

Actually, we have worked seriouly every day and we focus on each project, and make efforts to realize it one by one. It’s probably the reason.
From now on, we also need to run like this, if not, the businesses will certainly decline. This is applicable to individuals, not only companies.
To prevent this, first, we must have responsibility for each behavior.
In short, it connects to the future’s Japan. Why does it connect to the future? People gather to the organization and we can run a business as a company. By the company, the government can stand. That is, by each person, the country can stand. We shouldn’t forget this.
Second, we must work one by one with our full effort while you can move. In other words, it becomes self-investment. You will meet yourself who differs from now in the near future.

Let’s return to the main topic.

What will we do next?

Increase the number to

around 100 employees

Create the services

to change the world

Increase the number to

1 billion employees

What is the value as a company?
There are various ideas in this world, in COMMU:DE, we have been growing from now on, by paying taxes,
providing working opportunities, and delivering employee training completely.

Based on that, we have always thought about making the services to change the world and actually created them.
We’re alive because someone has been making various services, and we shouldn’t forget that.
We will make the society, service, and structure for the next generation.

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